Find out how many prospective customers book with you and how many do not. Identify the reasons for their decisions as well as which competitors are chosen and why.

Understand your customer. The booking decisions each prospective customer makes develop over time into trends that help you identify your market strengths and weaknesses as determined by your customers. What is your win-loss ratio? How is it trending? Why? Win/Loss answers each of these key business performance questions.

Booking Win/Loss

Find out if a previous online prospect booked with you or with another property.

Customizable List of Booking Reasons

Win/Loss recipients can chose from a pre-set list of reasons why they selected you or selected another property or destination. The list can be customized for your needs.

Market Intelligence

Client free-hand replies provide you with added insight into the buying decision.

Competitive Intelligence

Find out which competitors are gaining on you and why so that you can address the issue and adapt to better compete.

Trends & Analysis

Periodic reporting shows your win-loss ratio, its trend over time and the factors most responsible for those trends.


When a customer replies to a Win/Loss request, you are automatically notified. You can optionally respond to any stated concerns, giving you the opportunity to speak directly to any outstanding issue even when the prospect booked with another property.



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