GuestGenerator Features

GuestGenerator gets anonymous website visitors to identify themselves, so that you can re-engage and follow-up after they have left your site.

Web visitors look and leave in mere minutes, without ever telling you a thing. You don’t know who they are, what they want or how to contact them for follow-up.

To drive more bookings, you need to be proactive and follow-up.

GuestGenerator identifies website visitors, what they want, how to contact them and then does the follow-up, driving hi-profit, direct bookings back to you.GuestGenerator gets the lead, does the follow-up and gets the bookings you are now missing.


Front Desk staff engage customers on the phone every day, They find out their individual needs and address them. Who engages each web visitor?

GuestGenerator does. GuestGenerator creates online engagement.

GuestGenerator Call-to-Actions are embedded at key locations on your existing website, identifying the customer, their specific needs, and how to contact them for follow-up.

More leads. More Customers. More Bookings.

Properties using GuestGenerator see their online requests for information increase many-fold. Each one of the thousands of added new leads is a new customer and a new potential booking

Who? What? When? Where? And How?

We identify who is on your site, what they want, how to follow-up, planned travel dates, and their location. The more you know, the more you sell. 


When a customer requests information, GuestGenerator sends immediate follow-up. In addition, you are notified and can respond to specific customer questions. Follow-up works! It always has.

Lead Optimization

We actively monitor lead performance – both manually and with automated methods – to ensure optimum lead generation. You drive more business.

Follow-up Works

Follow-up works. It always has. GuestGenerator brings it to the internet in a compelling new way – that delivers big results.

High  Impact ‘Must-Read’ Messages

Over 90% of recipients open and read GuestGenerator messages. Your marketing message gets through! Professional travel copywriters craft these custom, research-based marketing messages. They engage the recipient, addressing stated needs, resulting in high booking rates. Follow-up works.

Service Before the Sale

GuestGenerator follow-up messages are designed to be useful, not ‘sales-y.’  They benefit the recipient, so your messages get read. Service sells!.

Concierge content anticipates the client’s needs, presenting expert options and information that enhances the client trip experience. Service-before-the-sale increases comfort levels, resulting in more bookings.

No More Missed Follow-ups

Not only does GuestGenerator create the lead, GuestGenerator does intelligent, professional follow-up too. No more missed follow-ups.

Stay Top of Mind

By spreading delivery of GuestGenerator messages over a number of days, you stay top of mind even though the prospect has left your website.

Stand Out

Clients visit over a dozen sites before making a booking decision. By identifying the client and following-up, you set yourself apart from the competition.

High Booking Conversions

More than 30% of GuestGenerator recipients book! Follow-up works! With thousands of new GuestGenerator leads, that translates into a lot of new bookings – bookings you are currently missing.

Reasons to Book

Our follow-up highlights ‘reasons to book’ that are based on your unique competitive strengths, not just on price or feature. Sell on your strengths and get the rate you deserve.

Generate Repeated Site Visits

GuestGenerator follow-up links back to your site again and again.

The more frequently a potential customer visits your site, the more comfortable they become. Familiarity produces more bookings. 

Booking Call-to-Actions

Every follow-up includes multiple Call-to-Actions linking to your existing online booking page or reservation number. We not only give them reasons to book, we make it easy to book.


All GuestGenerator products are very affordable. Return-on-Investment is achieved in months, not years. Payback increases every year.

No Booking Fees

All GuestGenerator products are set-cost software solutions. There are no per-booking fees or commissions.

Works On Your Current Website

GuestGenerator is an ‘add-on’ product that works on your current website.

No Software To Install

GuestGenerator is a web based solution. The primary users are your website visitors. There is no software to install or to learn.

Save time. Save Money

Our intelligent, automated solution does the work so you don’t have to. In today’s busy work environment, that adds up to saved time and saved labor costs.

You Own the Leads

All leads are owned by you. No contact information is ever shared with others.

Reporting & Analysis

Periodic and on-demand reporting shows you the lead generation performance numbers and trends by product, site page and month.

Competitive advantage

GuestGenerator gives you an online competitive advantage. We always limit GuestGenerator Package sales in a market.

Add to your list

Add all generated leads to your existing list for use in your ongoing marketing activities. GuestGenerator will significantly grow your customer list.

Enhance Customer Segmentation

GuestGenerator captures valuable customer data to segment your list for more targeted and more effective marketing efforts. Captured data includes: product interest, inquiry date, degree of interest, travel party size, travel dates, location, and more.

Make Every Dollar Count

It costs a lot to build, maintain and attract site visitors. When they finally get there, be proactive. GuestGenerator closes the deal, complimenting your existing marketing spend.

Delivery Management

If requested follow-up cannot be delivered, GuestGenerator Operations is notified. We  take corrective action to fix the delivery problem and re-send. Your customer list is as clean as possible.

Quality Control

GuestGenerator has built in ‘quality control governors’ so that the overall service-before-the-sale experience remains a positive one. No customer receives too many messages or redundant information. In addition, any customercan opt-out at any time – but few do, because it works!

Double-Digit Revenue Growth

With thousands of new client leads, converting at 30% – 40%, properties report double-digit revenue growth and, for many, record years.

High Room Rates

GuestGenerator follow-up pre-sells your property on its unique strengths, not merely on price or features. People perceive more value and pay higher rates.

Low Cost Direct Booking

GuestGenerator drives all bookings to your current online booking engine or call center. You get a high-profit direct booking. There are no per booking costs.

Low Cost of Customer Acquisition

GuestGenerator excels at low-cost new customer acquisition of between $1-$2.

Longer Stays

Our proprietary methods result in 35% longer lengths-of-stay on average.

Leverage Your Marketing Dollars

You spend a lot of money getting people to your website. Make sure they don’t just look and leave. GuestGenerator proactively converts lookers into bookers.

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