Personal Rate Quote delivers what customers want before committing to a reservation: trusted, personalized complete rate information, in writing, so they can be sure.  PRQ follow-up pre-sells your property too, on your unique strengths, driving more bookings.

Turbocharge lead generation

Properties using PRQ immediately multiply online requests for rate and accommodations information. Our proprietary methods work.

Who? What? When? Where? And How?

We identify who is on your site, what they want, their travel dates, how to follow-up, when they visited your website and where they are located.


When a customer asks a question specific to their unique needs, you are notified so that you can respond.

Pre-Sell Your Property

PRQ sends immediate follow-up with every PRQ. Our follow-up pre-sells your property on its unique competitive strengths, resulting in more bookings.

Lead Optimization

We actively monitor and adjust lead performance – both manually and with automated methods – to ensure optimum lead generation. You drive more business.

No More Missed Follow-ups

Not only does PRQ create the lead, PRQ does the follow-up too. No more missed follow-ups.

Service Before the Sale

By simply following-up and asking potential customers for the booking, you set yourself apart from the competition.  Service-before-the-sale enhances comfort levels, resulting in more bookings.

Booking Call-to-Actions

A PRQ follow-up includes Call-to-Actions linked to your booking engine or to  your reservation number. DecisionTime makes it easy to book.

Delivery Management

If requested follow-up cannot be delivered, GuestGenerator Operations is notified. We  take corrective action to fix the delivery problem and re-send. Your customer list is as clean as possible.


All GuestGenerator products are very affordable. Return-on-Investment is achieved in months, not years. The payback even increases through every succeeding year.

No Booking Fees

All GuestGenerator products are fixed-cost software solutions. There are no recurring fees or commissions.

Works On Your Current Website

PRQ is an ‘add-on’ product that works on your current website.

No Software To Install

PRQ is a web based solution. The primary users are your website visitors. There is no software to install or to learn.

More Bookings

PRQ converts more web site visitors to bookings. As many as 40% of all PRQ inquiries  book.

Save time. Save Money

Our intelligent, automated solution does the work so you don’t have to. In today’s busy work environment, that adds up to saved time and saved labor costs.

You Own the Leads

All leads are exclusively owned by you.

Reporting & Analysis

Periodic and on-demand reporting shows you the lead generation performance numbers and trends by product, site page and month.

Add to your list

Add all generated leads and contacts to your existing list for use in your ongoing marketing activities. PRQ will significantly increase the growth of your list.

Delivery Management

If requested follow-up cannot be delivered, GuestGenerator Operations is notified. We  take corrective action to fix the delivery problem and re-send. Your customer list is as clean as possible.

Quality Control

PRQ has built in ‘quality control governors’ to that the overall service-before-the-sale experience remains a positive one. No customer receives too many messages or redundant information.

Online availability and reservations capability is great. But it isn’t enough.

Because a large percentage of online visitors are hesitant to use an online reservation system just pricing and availability information.

So, when it is pre-booking information they want, you can trust PRQ to give them “the information they need from a source they can trust.”

4 reasons why many web visitors won’t use online reservations

  1. The Unknown
    They are not sure where it is going – how many steps, how many forms, how much personal information?
  2. Commitment  
    Just the idea of commitment causes many to ‘shy away.’
  3. Doubt   
    There is doubt. People know that many online reservations systems often do not contain the most recent data – even if yours does.
  4. Not enough time   
    Online systems can be perceived as too inflexible or too time-consuming when a client has special needs or requests.

Our Personal Rate Quote – PRQ – makes it easy for prospective guests to get all the information they need right from the source – YOU.

Guest gets a firm, up-to-the-minute rate and availability quote directly from a trusted source. And it’s in writing. So they know there are no surprises.

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