Online Concierge

Sell the destination. Vacationers have a choice. They not only research multiple lodging properties, nearly half also research various destinations. Use your intimate destination knowledge to make sure that your prospects have the very best destination content in front of them, available on your site at the click of a mouse.

Instead of prospects trying to ferret out the best destination content available all over the internet, you can select and host that content right in your website, as a new online service for your web visitors. Requests for this content also generate a lead for you, identifying name, interest and contact information.

Brand Destination Content as Your Own

Online Concierge allows you to place destination content that others have created into your own online destination library. There, it is ‘wrapped’ with your property’s brand.

Follow-up with Property Information

In addition to the requested destination content, Online Concierge can send follow-up information about your property. Targeted information can match the stated destination interest. Example: Family-oriented destination interests can be matched with property offerings such as family packages.

Give Customers Reasons to Stay Longer

When destination content is provided to interested prospects that is relevant to the nature of their trip, they stay on average 34% longer.

Reassure First-Time Visitors

The follow-up information you provide prospects who are new to your property or to your destination feel added reassurance when you send them useful destination information. Hesitation fades.

Service Before the Sale

By simply following-up and providing targeted, useful information you set yourself apart from the competition.  Service-before-the-sale enhances comfort levels and satisfaction, resulting in more bookings.

Booking Call-to-Actions

An Online Concierge follow-up includes Call-to-Actions linked to your booking engine or to  your reservation number. We make it easy to book.

Generate Repeated Site Visits

Online Concierge follow-up links back to your site again and again.

The more frequently a potential customer visits your site, the more comfortable they become. Familiarity produces more bookings.


When a customer requests information, you are automatically notified. If the customer had a question or comment, you can respond. In every case, GuestGenerator sends a follow-up message too.

Reporting & Analysis

Periodic reporting shows you which content generates the most interest and leads.

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