Re-contact ‘undecided’ customers, find out what issue is preventing a final booking decision and provide incentives to get them to book.

Show online prospects you care enough to ‘ask for the booking.’ When someone shows interest by requesting information, yet does not follow-through with a booking,  a simple question can find out why. DecisionTime asks that question for you.

Decision Status

Find out if they already booked with another property, have decided not to travel or are still ‘thinking it over.’

Needs Assessment

Client replies provide you with the added insight you need to address outstanding pre-booking concerns and convert an undecided prospect into a booked customer.

Incentive Offer

An incentive booking features also lets you provide a no-cost/low-cost ‘bump’ or incentive offer to propel the customer over the booking hurdle.

Service Before the Sale

By simply following-up and asking potential customers for the booking, you set yourself apart from the competition.  Service-before-the-sale enhances comfort levels , resulting in more bookings.

Booking Call-to-Actions

A DecisionTime follow-up includes Call-to-Actions linked to your booking engine or to  your reservation number. DecisionTime makes it easy to book.

Reporting & Analysis

Periodic reporting shows you where customers are in the decision process, what issues and concerns are blocking bookings and the success rate of any offered incentives.


When a customer replies to a decision status request, you are automatically notified. You can respond to any stated issues or concerns, giving you every opportunity to get the booking and make a new lifelong customer.

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