FrontDesk Follow-up

Don’t hang up – Follow-up! Designed specifically for busy front desks/call centers, FrontDesk Follow-up enables quick capture and follow-up of interested phone prospects. FrontDesk Follow-up gets the booking!

Who? What? When? Where? And How?

FrontDesk Follow-up captures your phone or email prospect’s name, information request,  contact information, estimated travel dates and when they called.

No More Missed Follow-ups

FrontDesk Follow-up makes it easy and quick to send follow-up information. No more missed follow-ups.

Service Before the Sale

By simply following-up and asking potential customers for the booking, you set yourself apart from the competition.  Service-before-the-sale enhances comfort levels, resulting in more bookings.

Pre-Sell Your Property

FrontDesk Follow-up sends a message that pre-sells your property on its unique competitive strengths, resulting in more bookings.

Booking Call-to-Actions

A FrontDesk Follow-up  follow-up includes Call-to-Actions linked to your booking engine or to  your reservation number. FrontDesk Follow-up  makes it easy to book.

Generate Repeated Site Visits

When used in combination with GuestGenerator, FrontDesk Follow-up follow-up links back to your site again and again. The more frequently a potential customer visits your site, the more comfortable they become. Familiarity produces more bookings.

Delivery Management

If requested follow-up cannot be delivered, GuestGenerator Operations is notified. We  take corrective action and attempt to re-send. Your customer list is as clean as possible.

Quality Control

FrontDesk Follow-up has built in ‘quality control governors’ so that the overall service-before-the-sale experience remains a positive one. No customer receives too many messages or redundant information.

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